Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 2012

I’ve been going to the Royal Winter Fair every year since 2007, and I dont see myself stopping. Such a brilliant opportunity to study, though I found this year fairly crowded (which surprised me). Like always, the llamas and alpacas got a lot of attention. I cant help it! They’re awesome! Something of note, however, […]

Life Drawing Sept 19

Got some more life drawing in tonight. Im going to try and make it more frequent in the coming weeks.

Big Sketchbook Post

As part of my blog revival, I’m gonna hit this thing with a huge post tonight. Thanks to that lack of inspiration I mentioned in a previous update, I ended up hanging onto a sketchbook far longer than I would have liked- Took me almost a year to get through one. I really want to […]

Drawings from Aug 22nd

Drawings from Aug 1st

In this post, Matt tries to re-animate his dead blog (again).

Hey guys, long time since you heard from me, eh? Sorry about that. Was out of work for a while, and lost some motivation. To anyone who actually stuck around, thanks for holding on and giving me a shot!

Anyways, I’m back on the ball again. I’ve been back to life drawing somewhat often again, and plan on increasing how often I go in the coming weeks. Feels great to do this again, but holy crap Im rusty. I’ve got a couple sessions of drawings, I’ll post them individually in following posts.

They might die (Animation competition)

Hey guys!

    Holy crap, Matt isn’t dead… 

Yeah, yeah, I know, It’s been a while since I’ve updated anything here. Sorry about that.

I can promise you that I HAVE been animating, and I have proof tonight. I animated this little piece for a competition held over at I gave it a shot mostly with the intention of bolstering my demo-reel, and what I ended up with is something I’m pretty pleased with. I finished tied for 9th place (Honestly there were some very impressive turn-outs, 9th is something Im happy with) and some fairly positive feedback on it.

Worked on this here and there after work through April. The rigs were supplied by and they were a requirement for the competition.



What do you guys think?

Still Rolling Along

Went to check out an open life drawing session that was operating fairly close to the studio. I have to say, it still feels good to be back at this.

Conte on my Fingers

Wow. 5 months. It has been 5 whole months since the last time I did any sort of life drawing, and I sure felt it. After weeks of scolding myself for not doing more, I finally made it down to the TSA today to do some figure drawing. I sucked. I loved it. The quality of drawings turned out today may not be what I had before, but since I plan on making this a weekly thing, the control and speed will return.

Its good to be back.

Hourly Comic Day

I gave it a shot. Look, Im sorry it sucks, forgive me?

Trying to scribble these out while at work is really challenging. How people manage to finish these in a presentable manner is like magic to me.