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Awesome Time?

Two posts in as many days. Im on a roll.

I guess it’s time I finally posted a bit of animation, eh? This is something I worked on recently after I got home from work for a couple weeks.


They might die (Animation competition)

Hey guys!

    Holy crap, Matt isn’t dead… 

Yeah, yeah, I know, It’s been a while since I’ve updated anything here. Sorry about that.

I can promise you that I HAVE been animating, and I have proof tonight. I animated this little piece for a competition held over at I gave it a shot mostly with the intention of bolstering my demo-reel, and what I ended up with is something I’m pretty pleased with. I finished tied for 9th place (Honestly there were some very impressive turn-outs, 9th is something Im happy with) and some fairly positive feedback on it.

Worked on this here and there after work through April. The rigs were supplied by and they were a requirement for the competition.



What do you guys think?

Done! Its finally done!

Big news! I just finished my demo reel. Ok, yeah, I’ve done a couple before, but this is an important one. This is the one that pretty much represents all that I have learned from school. Having this done is a crazy feeling, it pretty much means I am done everything. Whoa.

Anyways, here is everything that I put my soul into over the last few months:

Here are each of them seperately, if you want to see them that way.


Warm up

This was just pretty much a warm up animation I did to get myself into shape for doing my demo reel stuff. Total work time was probably only 5 days, so in that light, Im kind of happy with it considering my earlier pieces and their work time.

Last bit o’ Work

These are the last couple things Im willing to share from the end of the Semester.

First up is my final texturing assignment. The Fruit Bowl.

I take way too many shortcuts with texturing…

Also here is my box lift assignment

Im still not very comfortable with animating in Maya, obviously.

Animation Void

So its been pretty obvious lately I havent shared much in the way of animation. Im still getting used to Maya, and havent been able to put together any animation that I want to show off. Only lately I’ve been able to be sorta pleased with my animation, in comparison to what I was animating before hand.

Walk Cycle

Lip Sync


I obviously still have ALOT to learn

11 Second Club

Hey look! Its the summer, but Im still animating! Yeah, I took time through June to put together an entry into the 11 Second Club. Considering the amount of time I was about to put into it, Im actually pretty happy with how it turned out. And after voting finished, I was 41st out of 137, which is better than where I expected.

Its about a big guy who’s now blaming the people who have given him the food his whole life.

Animation update- pt.2

As promised, this is the latest traditional animation excercise I finished.

We were to animate two characters interacting, with at least 5 words of lipsync each. My buddy Lindsay and I decided to make this a collaboration, and went with 4 characters (2 each). After some brainstorming, we came up with this little story about monkeys at a zoo who are a little to interested in celebrity gossip (the two names mentioned are made up).

I designed the characters, and animated the first two monkeys (The one reading the magazine, and the gay one), Lindsay animated the third monkey and the Gorilla, as well as did the layouts.

Animation update

So as of tonight, I just finished two animation assignments. One Flash, one Traditional. The flash one was just a simple acting assignment, but the traditional was a behemoth of an assignment, weighing in at 30 seconds of animation with two characters. More on that one later.

Im sharing with you the flash assignment today. The traditional one is a huge file, and dont feel like uploading it to Youtube at the moment. So probably on the weekend I’ll have it up.

So, like I said, this was just an acting exercise. The character is modelled after my friend Aleks, and the line is from Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay. Enjoy!

Walk Cycle/Stumble

This assignment was to animate a walk cycle, animate the character as they stumble over something, then composite it all together over a layout pan (previously made not by me). I got bored and did some more than necisarry. Oh well, i like it.
Cycle pose-to-pose, everything else straight ahead.

Animation by Matt Frigault
Layout by Lindsay Wilson.