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Guess Where I am again this year…

Here are some sketches from the park over the last while that have been building up in my phone.

The first four are from well over a month ago. The last four are people you may recognize: Dani Woods, “Buzz Lightyear” Juan, everyones favourite boss; Lorenzo and Jenn Hughes (again :))

I will also post this up on the C-dub’ya blog (The group blog for caricaturists at Wonderland). We need to get it active again haha. Go check it out! If there are any of the new artists this year who want access to post there, let me know.


Meet Reverend Sinmonger

I was at Dr. Sketchys again yesterday. It was a real blast. I found Andrea, Dylan, and Noam there, and Im sure they’ll all agree that this guys face made everything AWESOME. Not only was it made to make caricaturists happy, but he also managed to pull it into amazing expressions, AND HELD THEM. Add to that the fact that they put on a very entertaining and funny show, I couldnt be happier with last nights event.

Keyhole Session

So I went with my buddy Ed after work on Tuesday, and Visited a Keyhole Session for my first time. They’re basically fairly similar to the Dr. Sketchys events I go to occasionally, but instead of Burlesque, its pretty much just plain sexually themed, with a nice mix of kink thrown in.