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More from life

Some more from last weeks life drawing practice


That feels better

You know that inspiration I was talking about in my last post? Well, it all came from a particularly good life drawing session. Or at least it felt good to me. Our life drawing teacher was stressing a lesson on Friday about design in life drawing, using straights vs. curves in the life drawing, and focusing almost entirely on gesture. Essentially, this was right up my alley, and left me enjoying several hours of life drawing more than I had in months.


After a powerful burst of inspiration yesterday, I came home and drew a ton. A lot of it was girls, I don’t really know why I don’t draw them more often.

These are two of the drawings that I ended up taking into photoshop.

Figure Drawing

Some more Figure Drawing stuff.

Im going through a really strange phase of my life drawings. I’ve been reading the two books recently published containing legendary Disney life drawing instructor Walt Stanchfields notes Drawn To Life. These 2 Volumes are brilliant, I have learned so much from them already, in both life drawing, and animation.

Problem is that since Walt focused so much on Gesture, story and energy (which have always been something I loved, so its right up my alley), he pretty much purposefully ignores form and structure. Those are the two biggest things I have been trying to actually bring into my drawings, I was very weak in them before. I feel I had come quite far in my knowledge on structure by the end of the last semester, but now, as I try to focus all of Walts teachings into my drawings, I feel like Im losing all that I struggled to learn recently.

So lately its been a battle to keep all that I had with me, while taking in the new stuff. Wish me luck.