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Animation Void

So its been pretty obvious lately I havent shared much in the way of animation. Im still getting used to Maya, and havent been able to put together any animation that I want to show off. Only lately I’ve been able to be sorta pleased with my animation, in comparison to what I was animating before hand.

Walk Cycle

Lip Sync


I obviously still have ALOT to learn


Back on the life drawing Horse

Some more figure sketching

Recent Life Drawing

Since my trip to Ottawa, I’ve pretty much been in a cycle of trying to get my work schedule caught up to a point where Im not doing most of it the night before, and actually get some free time. Thanks to that, I havent had much time for figure drawing over the last few weeks. But in the last couple weeks I have finally managed to squeeze it back in, and now its looking even better for this coming week.

That rust sets in quickly!

Royal Winter Fair 09

I made my annual trip to the Royal Winter Fair today. I loved the event like I do every year. Every time I go to something like this I realise I need to draw animals so much more than I do. Heres a sampling of what I drew today.


These are just part of an assignment from school