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Digital Painting

So I finally got the inspiration needed to finally do a digital painting. I havent done a proper digital painting in ages (the last one I posted anywhere was back in Feb 2008). I generally dont bother much with digital painting because I have this feeling that in our generation, the world is over-populated with digital painters, or at least trying to be a digital painter. So I tend to focus my attention on getting better at other aspects of art, since the world is already so full of really really impressive digital painters. I know this is a bad way of thinking, but its just how I see things.

At least I tried it again, right?



Week 5

More Life Drawings

Week 4

Life Drawings from week 4


Went to Dr. Sketchys for the second event in a row. Thats a record for me! I always have tons of fun there. I drew that one guy before it started.