Archive | September 2009

New Moleskine

So I bought a Moleskine the other day, and so far I actually really enjoy sketching in it. I ended up doing a few Fan Art sketches, something I dont really do very often at all. I did one of Coraline, and two more from Venture Bros.


These are week 3

Scribblin’ on Newsprint

Finally back at the Life Drawing. Damn I was rusty, still am. This is from my second week

Dr. Sketchy’s again

I was at Dr. Sketchys again on Monday. They had 2 very awesome models at once this time, so I had a great time drawing. Here are a few of my favourite sketches.

Back to school!

In other news, Im back at school. Which is pure awesome in my books. Almost all my time will be spent doing 3d now, but Im going to be trying to get as much drawing on my own time. Plus back to life drawing! So I’ll keep that updated.

Anyways I was at the zoo again on Friday, and got a few drawings done.

My last Caricature dump

I worked my last shift at Wonderland on Monday. I am so glad to be out of there.

Dont get me wrong, I still love doing caricatures, I just really dont want to do them there ever again.