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My Dad

I’ve been promising my parents a caricature for a while now. Mostly because I’ve only ever caricatured them in that Christmas Present in 2007, and at the beginning of last summer for practice, and well, those were done when I sucked at least 10x more than my current suck.

Anyways, I grabbed a clipboard and sketched my Dad. I wish I had a foamie handy.



Self Portrait

I did this as a quick little exercise. Once again, I was inspired by the practices of some friends of mine.

Lots of stuff needs to be worked on, plus I think I overworked it (waaaay to easy to do with traditional paints). But for the first time picking these paints up again, I feel pretty good with it.


11 Second Club

Hey look! Its the summer, but Im still animating! Yeah, I took time through June to put together an entry into the 11 Second Club. Considering the amount of time I was about to put into it, Im actually pretty happy with how it turned out. And after voting finished, I was 41st out of 137, which is better than where I expected.

Its about a big guy who’s now blaming the people who have given him the food his whole life.

Some from June

Thats another month down



This girl was a walking Ollie caricature. Therefore I tried to do one inspired by him.


I realised halfway through this dance drawing I was subliminally referencing one of my buddy Jay’s drawings, so this one goes out to you Turtle Jay.