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Sketch Jam!

Went to the Sketch Jam on sunday, I had tons of fun. Great drawing, great people, lots of beer. Pretty much sums up my equation for joy. The plan was to hold the jam at St. Lawrence Market, but pretty much by the time I got there everyone had seemingly splintered away all over downtown. I did find a few fellow sketchers, drew a bit, walked to The Eatons Centre, and found some more sketchers. After I was there for a bit we went to the pub. This time it was at The Flatiron and Firkin. The rest need not be explained.

Oh, I also bought a new sketchbook for this event. Im enjoying it quite a bit.



Woo! Finished 2nd year!


Anyways, im still getting used to this free time, its kinda weird. Other than sitting on my ass, drawing in my sketchbook, Im back at Wonderland this summer drawing caricatures. Im feeling ALOT more confident drawing them than I did last year, and im quite excited to see what I draw over the summer. Should be fun.

Im planning on alot of drawing this summer. More updates to come!