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Animation update- pt.2

As promised, this is the latest traditional animation excercise I finished.

We were to animate two characters interacting, with at least 5 words of lipsync each. My buddy Lindsay and I decided to make this a collaboration, and went with 4 characters (2 each). After some brainstorming, we came up with this little story about monkeys at a zoo who are a little to interested in celebrity gossip (the two names mentioned are made up).

I designed the characters, and animated the first two monkeys (The one reading the magazine, and the gay one), Lindsay animated the third monkey and the Gorilla, as well as did the layouts.



Yes, dont worry, you are at the right place (now didnt that sound cocky!). I’ve just done a little remodelling.

I needed a better, more upfront location to have my portfolio displayed, and the older setup would have just shoved it off to the side, with the same font and size as all my links. I feel this is a more professional way to display my stuff.

Also, that old one was depressing eh?

Animation update

So as of tonight, I just finished two animation assignments. One Flash, one Traditional. The flash one was just a simple acting assignment, but the traditional was a behemoth of an assignment, weighing in at 30 seconds of animation with two characters. More on that one later.

Im sharing with you the flash assignment today. The traditional one is a huge file, and dont feel like uploading it to Youtube at the moment. So probably on the weekend I’ll have it up.

So, like I said, this was just an acting exercise. The character is modelled after my friend Aleks, and the line is from Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay. Enjoy!