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More Lifedrawings

Some more lifedrawings from last week. I played with colour!


More animation

Figured i’d share my single sentence assignment that I just finished. Ok, correction, I finished it over two weeks ago, even though it was only due on the 21st.

I finished it so far ahead of time because I’ve realised that I get bored of my animations if I spend too much time working on them, and when that happens, I start hating them, and over working them. This one was slated to be an actual 6 week project, so I chose to do it in 3 instead (I had taken the week off during reading week from it as well). That way I could squeeze in another animation project for myself, so I could stay fresh.

I think its a pretty good plan… We’ll see how I can handle it

Royal Winter Fair 2008

Went to the Royal Winter Fair on the Exhibition grounds last week on Thursday. I had a great time. I really dont draw enough animals, but I still think it was a fairly good day for me.


Pigs! That bottom right guy looks pretty damn content eh?




Horses! (The hardest thing for me to draw again)


Goats! And a sheep (The fluffiest, poofiest sheep I’ve ever seen. Also managed to gesture out a couple of young goats pratcitcing their head-butting)


And Cows! (As with last year, these guys were how I warmed up. They’re perfect to help place anatomy on fourlegged animals)


I’ve been working on my maquette for the last while. Its fun to use Sculpy again.

Here’s some pictures of it relatively early in.

I’ll update more as it progresses and I find time to take pictures.

quick update

More life drawings i guess

Good Month!

I must say this is a pretty good month for animated movies. Madagascar 2 just hit theatres Friday, while Bolt will be here on the 21st. Also this month we’re hit with the release of not only Kung Fu Panda on dvd recently on the 7th, but we’ll also be able to add Wall-e to our shelves on the 18th! My wallet is crying. (Not to mention all the games that I’ve been bombarded with lately that I’d love, but cant afford haha)

Another cool thing:

New Up! trailer!