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Another Toonboom

Finished another Toonboom assignment today. A walk-cycle. Pretty simple actually.

Unfortunately, I forgot to loop it when I exported it, and im really not up for going back to the lab for that again.

Just… Click play over and over really quickly and it’ll loop for ya!

Also, i thought this was hilarious: clicky!



You’d think that I’d have more time to update this thing over my reading week. Well you thought wrong! Ha! I’m back at school in week 8, and NOW i update. Arent I effecient?

I’ll include some of the life drawings I did over the reading week and the week before.

Famous people’s voices

Did two Toonboom lipsync assignments over the last week. Getting to use a soundbite from a movie is alot more fun to lipsync to than certain other pre-made ones…

The first one I did last Wed. I chose to use a clip from Hot Fuzz (I loved that movie… How could I not use it?).

He really liked it, but suggested to try to be a little more subtle. I took that advice, and went and did my second assignment yesterday. This time using a clip from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Im pretty happy with how this turned out actually

Im only a little unhappy with his hand at the end. It loses silhouette and definition as it crosses the body, but the security guard decided to kick us out of the lab as I was finishing up on that part. So I said screw it, the animation is good enough haha


Finally decided do share my first couple animations from this semester.

This took me a while to decide because…. Well, i hate my first two animations.

Oh well.

First up is my Meow assignment. My dislike for this piece grows daily. You can guess why.

And the other project I just finished is the Absolutely Incredible assignment. I had to select one of a couple dozen voice tracks done by my instructor, all saying “Absolutely Incredible”, animate a lipsync and act to it.

I really dont like the first half of it. This is proof why I shouldnt animate while frustrated. The timing is all shitty. I like the second half more, but it still needs ALOT of work.

Conte dust…

… coat my lungs.

Just an update from my last couple weeks of life drawing.


So, I`ve been learning digital animation this year at school. Specifically Toonboom.

I must say, im enjoying it quite a bit. Its just so convenient. I can still animate traditionally, but skip the whole paper stage.

Not much else to say tonight, just wanted to drop by and give that super-useless update here.

Here`s an example of one assignment I did in a couple hours one friday.