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… To what I do, and being myself.

So… I just got another tattoo. Yay! Its fucking awesome too. Its literally a symbol of who I am, and what I love doing. I will probably use this in business cards and other related things in the future as well.

Whatcha think?

Also, more life drawing. I had some fun with Ink.


Kickin’ it off

Back in the full life drawing swing and im feeling good. My time spent doing caricatures had an impact so many different elements of my drawing. For example, my confidence with line has improved, and another thing that came from it: Rxaggeration. Not just with caricatures, its necissary there, but its worked its way into everything I do. From subway sketching to Character Design, which has been a great thing. But its making a huge appearance in my general life drawing. Its fun, and I think it could work, but im not sure if I want to keep going in that direction. I guess I’ll see what happens.

Im not required this year to track my life drawings every week with photos, but Im going to continue with doing so anyways. So here’s some from last week.

Bring it on!

So I start school again in about 12 hours. Im so psyched for this. 2nd year is going to rock, I cant wait to get back to drawing so much, I slacked off too much this summer.

I promise to update more often when im back… I hope.

In other news I decided last night I wanted a new avatar for my DeviantArt page. I sat down around 11 to start animating the thing, and finished at about 1 with this:

I fixed the volume problems in the hat, along with the tracking for the arms after that. Then things got frustrating. Working with an animation at a 50×50 pixel size is really annoying. I spent all day today colouring every drawing pixel by pixel, since colouring it in any other way at such a small size wouldnt work. All effing day. And then when I put it back together I found that going to such a small size distorted some of the shapes, and even worse it plays out at such a slow speed. I set each frame to its fastest speed and it still fucks up.

Over all, im feeling alright with how the line test turned out, but pissed off with the avatar, and I’ll just keep my old one until I figure out something new for it.