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Im not dead…

Ok, its been a while since i’ve posted… Sorry.
I’ve been really busy lately with work (Im still at wonderland doing caricatures, but I’ve also started working at a Metal Packaging plant that my dad works at. Shittiest job ever, but it pays really well), so I havent had much time lately, or inspiration to begin with, for drawing…
Well, finally the other day the creativity juice started flowing again. Hell for 6 hours during one of my shifts at the plant, all I could think about was drawing. It felt good.
I did a couple fan arts, one of which is right here:
I’ve been a pretty big fan of The Venture Bros since it first showed up. In my opinion one of the very few shows that runs during the Detour on Teletoon (thats the Canuck version of Adult Swim for any of you non-Canadian folks) thats actually GOOD.

I’ve also been practicing my character design work lately. I still need a ton of work on that, but im feeling much more comfortable with it as time goes on.

Another thing I’ve been doing on my spare time now is animating again. Feels so damn good. I built an entire animation desk here in my room. Took a drafting table i had, cut a hole in it, strapped a light box I had under the whole, and dropped in my animation disk. Ta-da! Brand new animation desk. Set up a line tester next to it, and I’ve got a nice set up here.
Just now I finished a quick bit of practice. Just a simple girl using a Hula-hoop. I think maybe two hours of work… (I hate, hate, HATE the hula hoop itself… But i know whats wrong with it, and it was the least of my concerns for this thing… So i just ignore it… You should too :P haha)