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Flour Sack

Well, I finally got my animations onto my computer. That was one long as hell process. And with 450 frames (280 or so drawings, some were shot on ones) in total, getting my final onto the computer was a daunting task. Oh well, they’re done now.
Unfortunately, only two of them worked on Youtube for some reason, the rest are unable to be converted once uploaded. Thankfully at least my final does work, so I can show that off to you guys now.
The assignment was to take a randomly assigned object, and make a flour sac do something with it, as well as a couple other things. I drew the purse. Deciding this wasnt enough of a challenge, I added a wig as well. Things got interesting from there.
I hope you guys like!

I also managed to get my box walk onto youtube as well, but Im not too fond of it, so I wont show it here. It will be in the animations page here if you want to see it.

I only wish my fat jump would work on Youtube, Im almost as happy with that one as I am with my Final.



A couple friends wanted to see what kind of stuff I’ve been doing lately at Wonderland. Unfortunately, these two are the only two I could find around the house. They’re a couple of Demos i did to try and draw in business.

The Dr. is in

I finally decided to go visit a Dr. Sketchy’s event this Monday. It was definitely a lot of fun. Cool music, cool people, and the best part was the originality of the model.
A) She was pregnant. Totally cool.
B) Yes, that first set she was wearing rollerblades and everything. Yes, that second set she was wearing a paper bag over her face. And Yes, in that last set she was wearing metal underwear.
Not to often you get to draw stuff like that eh?
Heres a couple pages from my sketchbook

Summer days

Well, summer has been treating me pretty well so far. I’ve been working at Wonderland doing caricatures these last couple weekends. Its pretty fun, as well as pretty rewarding, though not very much money-wise. I can feel im already learning tons through it. With that said, if anybody wants me to do a caricature for them, just ask!
In other news, I went back for some life drawing for the first time this summer. It felt pretty good, since I haven’t done any for almost a month. I hope to keep this up.
Here’s a couple from Tuesday:


Figured I was due for a sketchdump. These are the last 11 pages out of my sketch book as of April 20th.

Jekyll to Hyde

I guess I’ll share my Jekyll to Hyde Project. I figure’d I wanted to make Dr. Jekyll a tiny dude who always wanted to be bigger, to stand up to all those who looked down on him. Problem was, he ended up getting “bigger” in the wrong way. He grew and grew until: *POP!* Just like a balloon filled with gore.

Creative Commons License
Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde by Matt Frigault is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Canada License.

God this all feels good

Man, its felt so good lately to have some time off once again. I get to sleep in! Woo! I haven’t gotten any personal projects started yet… But that’ll come.

The good news is that I was lucky enough to find a job already. Im working at Wonderland now, doing charicatures for a living. Im really happy I actually found a job around drawing. Sure, it doesnt pay much, but im really loving the experience im going to be getting from all this. I can already see improvement.

As for other things, Im pretty sure I’ll be getting back to life drawing very soon, so I’ll be sure to keep that part up to date. And my plan to get all my old animations onto the computer has taken a bit of a detour. The current setup takes ages to get all the frames in order on my computer, but it’s slowly getting all there. I should have all of them here pretty soon.