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Ollie Johnston (October 31, 1912 – April 14, 2008)

I was saddened today to hear of the news that Ollie Johnston, the last of the Nine Old Men, died today at the age of 96.

Along with Milt Kahl, he was a huge source of inspiration. As well as a huge source of knowledge, thanks to his book, The Illusion of Life. I’m glad to know he had a nice, full life of 96 years, and he was a benefit to this world and us all.

Im going to watch The Sword In The Stone, or Jungle Book…

R.I.P. Ollie, and thank you


More Lifedrawings

Just some of my life drawings from the last couple weeks

Final Stretch!

Last week! It feels so weird knowing I wont be back at the school for another 4 months after this week. Oh well, I need the break. Especially after the amount of work I’ll be doing this week coming up.

– 25 object drawings that im probably going to have to be doing in one night

– My animation of a cross dressing flour sac that I figure should be around 240 or so drawings in total

– Also, my final Character design project. My main headache right now. After working on the project for a good 3 weeks, I started my whole project all over again this Thursday. Im beating the shit out of my brain right now trying to get this whole thing done by the end of the week. I’ll be sure to share it once this is all done.

Oh well, I’ll just keep chanting “Last week! Last Week!” over and over in my head as a mantra just so I dont go nuts. Here’s hoping I’ll be sane next monday.

And the countdown begins

I’ve reached my second last week of school for this year. Crazy amounts of work going on right now. Revising my leica again, trying to work through Combustion (god I hate that program). I’m refining my Jekyll to Hyde design, which is one of my more important projects right now, I need to nail this. Also a pretty easy to do frankenstein Layout.

On top of all that, i’ve got my behemoth of a project going: a cross-dressing flower sac. Yeah, this thing is huge, weighing in at 19 seconds long. Either way having a ton of fun doing this gigantic animation, and so far its going fairly well, I cant wait to see this thing completely in-betweened.

Until its all done, i’ve got to get some rest.


Well, I found out again last week why I hate sitting on the donkey stand to life draw instead of standing. I spent nearly the entire session battling proportion issues. It does pop up once in a while, but its not a very common problem for me. But that day I ran into so many arms that were bigger than the entire body, and just as many arms the size of a head. It was a day of frustration in its most visible.

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