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Ok… Getting lazy here

Falling behind here… Cant blame me though, I had two very terrible weeks of life drawing. Seriously, i havent been this displeased with myself for the last while.

I’l’l just group both weeks together into this post… If anything just to show you guys how crappy they were

Mar 13- 1 MinMar 13- 2 MinMar 13- 2 Min2Mar 20- 1 MinMar 20- 2 MinMar 20- 2 Min2

Gah. That sucked.


Ahh… Movies

Well, i’m certainly looking forward to the next couple months. Aside from free time, warm weather, and money coming my way once again, we’ve got quite a few animated movies with alot of potential heading our way over the next couple months.

Kicking things off, on Friday, Horton Hears A Who will be hitting the theatres. I enjoyed the Ice Age movies, and the trailers for this movie have been looking pretty solid. I’m doing what I can this week to scrounge up whatever money I can to catch opening night this week.

Later on we’ll have Kung Fu Panda. Another Dreamworks movie. Lately they’ve been getting pretty stale with their animations. I havent really enjoyed one of their animations since the first Shrek. I sort of liked Madagascar. Over The Hedge was just really boring. And I dont even want to talk about Bee Movie. But Kung Fu Panda is looking fairly interesting. Im loving their design work, and the layouts are pretty eye catching. Who knows, maybe it’ll save Dreamworks once again?

And we cant forget my favourite release of the summer. Pixars Wall-E. I’ve been psyched by this ever since I caught sight of the first trailer so many months ago. It just looks brilliant. Everything. And I must say, Wall-E himself is one helluva cute robot. I cant wait for this movie.

I’ll share with you guys a pretty new Vignette showcasing the movie. In HD.

Oh, and I cant forget to mention Disney’s The Princess And The Frog and Rapunzel. Both Due are due out next year. It’ll be great seeing Disney’s return to classical animation. Cant wait to see more on both of those movies.

Building Blocks

I realised the last week that most of my life drawings have been seriously lacking in structure. So I’ve set myself back to trying to bring structure into my drawings again.

Mar 3- 30 SecMar 6- 1 MinMar 6- 1 Min2Mar 6- 2 MinMar 6- 2 Min2Mar 6- 5 MinMar 6- 5 Min2

Reading Week number 2

I managed to find a little time over reading week to do some more life drawing.

Nothing spectacular, just more drawings.

Feb 28- 1 Min Feb 28- 1 Min2Feb 28- 1 Min3Feb 28- 5 Min

Feb 26- Sketchbook