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Stupid limited time…

When it comes to life drawing, I didnt do much of anything last week. Holiday on Monday, Bone Room on Tuesday, and plans on Thursday, and Im never around on Friday. Which left me only one day to do my life drawing. I tried to make the best of it, somewhat successfully.

Feb 20- 2 MinFeb 20- 2 Min2Feb 20- 2 Min3Feb 20- 2 Min4Feb 20- 2 Min5


Why couldnt this have happened last year?

Amazingly, I got my phone back. It actually turned up at the ttc lost and found. Who knew someone would actually return it?

Huge thanks go to Dawn for finding it there for me. You Rock!


Well, my past has struck again. Just like when I was younger, when i lost things all the time, or just left them behind way too often,  I decided to leave my cell phone behind on the subway today. Im so pissed at myself right now.

Jeeze, i’ve never felt so disconnected.


I painted this for Digital Tools. This is just an idea i’ve had brewing in my head for a while now. Basically i had remembered how great it was to feel that air whip past as you took that leap off of those high dive platforms. It was as close to flight as I could find.

Not sure what else there is to say about it


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Well, that went weirdly…

This past week was pretty interesting in life drawing. We had a 3rd year instruct us on the finer points of gesture, where he had us use as few lines as possible. Problem is, for the last while I’ve been trying to complete the form as much as possible while keeping my energy in my gestures, as my instructor told me to do. So when he got me to do this, it felt like a step backwards for me. I do understand what he was trying to teach me, and I did learn from it alot, but It was just so frustrating because no matter what I did, I couldnt go back to how I was drawing before. All week I was pissed at myself because I saw a step backwards for me, not forward. All that work I put in, was lost to me.

It took me ages to get somewhere near where I was by last week in my opinion.

Feb 11- GesturesFeb 11- LegsFeb 12- 30 SecFeb 12- 1 MinFeb 12- 1 Min2Feb 12- 1 Min3Feb 13- 2 MinFeb 13- 5 MinFeb 14- 5 Min

Understanding The Form

I spent this last week doing even more practice, and trying to draw the entire form, while keeping all the energy i can usually throw into my drawings. I also spent more time practicing those muscles.

Feb 7- 1 MinFeb 7- 3 MinFeb 7- 3 Min2Feb 7- 3 Min3Feb 7- 5 MinFeb 5- 5 MinFeb 7- 10 MinFeb 4- RansFeb 4- 2s to 10

I love this stuff.

Just finished week five now. The amount of work is pretty crazy, but I am loving it. Im in love with animating. I may enjoy all the other aspects of what we do at school, but nothing compares to animating for me. Where others get frustrated, and bored when animating, I find myself calmed, and enjoy the whole process of animating. Hell, I have to devote almost entire days to it, because once I start, I dont want to stop, I cant stop until im happy with it. I’ve neglected life drawing more than once because of it :S

I just finished watching Disneys The Sword In The Stone. Inspirating stuff that is. Milt Kahls work on Madame Medusa in The Rescuers sure was some impressive animating… But watching his work on Mad Madame Mim, Sir Ector and Sir Kay is in my opinion far more wonderful to feast your eyes on. Just a couple minutes of watching one of those characters is enough inspiration to keep you working for days with the worst stress.

The Cause Of All Bad Things

Well, this guy sure looks like a bucket o’ fun eh?

I created this guy originally for my character design assignment that im working on right now. I have to create two characters, and have them going through a whole phone conversation and everything. I’ll share his counterpart eventually.

This particular assignment isnt supposed to be finished for another few weeks, so he’ll probably be undergoing a few changes by then. But a new Digital Tools assignment popped up and needed my own character design too, so I picked this guy to work on in it.


Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Canada License.

Also, Box Lift!

I finished my box lift animation earlier this week, so i’ll share it now. We got to choose any character we wanted, and make them pick up a heavy box, and put it on a shelf. A new animation instructor this time around, and she’s a bloody amazing teacher. I learned a ton already.

This is by far my best yet

Being Lazy…

Ok, so i’ve been kind’ve lazy lately. Its been about 3 weeks since my last update :S

I’ll try and pick my favourite drawings from the last 3 weeks.

Jan 11- 1 MinuteJan 15- 10 MinuteJan 23- 2 MinuteJan 23- 1 MinuteJan 31- 1 MinuteJan 31- 1 MinuetJan 31- 10 Minute