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Back at it!

Well, its been my first week back after nearly 3 weeks away from life drawing. It did feel so great to be doing it again… But… The 3 weeks did take a toll on me. I felt my drawings from this week were fairly dull, and didnt have much of the life I had in the drawings I had at the end of the first semester. Overall a fairly frustrating week.

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Last 2 Animations

Well, I finally got around to uploading my last two animations from my first semester.

First up is my Pink Panther Walk cycle. Probably the best of my animations from 1st semester. Some of the drawings are incomplete, but overall im fairly pleased with the motion. Still sucks, but im getting better.

Second is my Bugs Bunny Box Jump. Still more improvement on my motion, but still even more to improve upon. My biggest problem in this would be the drawings themselves (as always). Bugs kinda shrinks by the end, and his arms are a little screwed.

New Year

Happy new year everyone. Its 2008 and I’m really looking forward to what this year has to offer me. So much to learn.

Anyways, I’m just very happy to be back at school. As much as I promised myself I’d practice with my drawing a bunch over the semester, very little got done. Aside from the couple projects I did for christmas, nothing else got finished. I only managed to do half a rough animation, and only went to life drawing once out of the several times I said I would.

Oh well, now that I’m back, i can just make up for the slacking off. New life drawing will come, new animations, and hopefully new pieces of other work.

Here’s looking forward to the new year.