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Christmas Charicatures

Ok, now that christmas has come around, I can share these without ruining the surprise.

I decided to do charicatures of my parents for christmas, in addition to the gifts I had already bought them. I ended up doing them digitally, so I could colour them. I printed them out in high res. and framed them before wrapping them, and putting them under the tree.

My MomMy Dad


Merry Christmas

I just wanted to take a minute to wish everybody who cares to read this thing a Merry Christmas.

I hope everything good comes your way

Winter Break Life Drawing Session One

Just finished doing some life drawing today. I gotta keep fresh on these skills, I can let them get stale :P

Im not as excited about these today as I was last week, but im still pretty happy with them. A different brush pen, and conte were my weapons of choice today.

Dec 18- 30 SecondDec 18- 1 MinuteDec 18- 1 Minute 2Dec 18- 1 Minute 3Dec 18- 2 MinuteDec 10- 5 MinuteDec 18- 10 Minute

In other news, I just finished two little projects I had for myself that I’d doing for christmas. Unfortunately, the people these are going to read this blog once in a while, so I cant risk the surprise by showing them off here. So you guys’ll have to wait until after christmas to have a peak at them :P

Thats better

After last weeks very dismal output of life drawing, I was very glad to have a chance to sit down and calm myself out this week. On Wednesday, I decided to grab a couple of materials that I’ve never used to life draw before. I picked up my Brush Marker, a China Marker, as well as my conte, and headed out to extra life with the intent of just letting loose, and not giving a crap about drawing the skeleton.

Im very glad I did, I felt so good after that session. Too bad it was the last week, I would’ve liked to keep up that momentum. Oh well, I’ll get a couple sessions in over the break.

Dec 12- 1 minuteDec 12- 1 minute 2Dec 12- 2 MinuteDec 12- 2 minute 2Dec 12- 2 minute 3

1st Semester Wrap up

Well, I guess i can call this semester done and over with for me. I just finished my last assignment 5 minutes ago (3 views of 25 objects in two days, lotsa fun). I’m both glad and a little disappointed the semester is already over. I’m happy that I can rest and work on some personal projects for the next few weeks, and get a fresh start on my assignments for next semester. But I still do wish I progressed further in my drawing by this point. Oh well, I think I learned quite a bit, I hope I can keep it up.

In other news, I had one helluva terrible week life drawing last week. Between finalising projects and finally visiting some friends out at Sheridan (Sorry for waiting so long guys, I missed a few days of extra life, and when I did get back to it, I was doing so terribly, I got frustrated and had to leave before I stabbed somebody with my tiny piece of Conte (Yes, I could have accomplished that feat on that night).

I think I did fairly good on my test, but the lack of time spent at extra life that left me with pretty much no good drawings to post to my portfolio. See for yourself:

Dec 6- 1 MinuteDec 10- 1 MinuteDec 6- 2 MinuteDec 6- 5 Minute

Happy Birthday to me!

Well, as of yesterday, I can officially no longer be called a teenager. My birthday was yesterday, Dec 8, where I turned 20. I had a great time having dinner at Philthy Mcnasty’s with a bunch of guys and gals from the AAC. Huge thanks guys! I only wish I could have afforded to buy more drinks haha, we’re all too broke.

Nearing the Finish line

Well, the semester is about a week and a half away from ending. I feel that I’ve learned a ton (though I wish it was more). Lately i’ve been working extensively on my knowledge of the skeleton. The amount of Skeleton life drawings i’ve posted lately does not even nearly express the amount i’ve actually drawn. I hope i’ve done enough, I have a test on it coming up on monday.

Oh well. Here’s a few more life drawings:

Dec 3-1 minuteNov 29- 1 minuteDec 3-2 minuteDec 3-1 minute-2Nov 28-2 minuteNov 28- 5 minuteNov 29- 5 minuteNov 28- 5 minute-2Dec 3- 5 minute

Peach on the Beach

Hey! Check it out! Something digital!

Yeah, my girlfriend wanted me to paint this for her mom for Christmas. Im not too sure about the subject matter, but Im assuming the peach is her mom haha.

Anyways, I really wish I had more time to work on this, but right now I have virtually no more extra time to work on things like this, so I had to finish it. Maybe later if I find myself with some more extra time I’ll come back to it.

Adobe PS CS 4 Hours work

Peach on the Beach

Pink Panther Walk Cycle

Nothing new, just felt like sharing my Pink Panther Walk Cycle.

Its better than my previous Flour Sac Assignment, but I’m still not all that fond of it, it’s still very stiff.