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Skeletal Challenges

This past week Werner got me to try working with the skeleton in my gestures instead of the boxes like before. This turned out to be very challenging for me, mostly just because it took me a while to figure how to draw the essential parts of the pelvis within the time span of a quick gesture of 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Fun stuff.

Not to mention that I’ve got a very important skeleton exam coming up. It’s worth 50% of my total mark, but I’m actually feeling fairly confident about it, and I should handle it when it comes around.

Here’s a couple of those life drawings.

Nov 22- 1 MinuteNov 20- 1 MinuteNov 22- 1 Minute2Nov 22- 2 MinuteNov 26- 5 MinuteNov 20- 13 Minute


Nearly Finished

Well, im nearly finished the sketchbook I started at the beginning of October, Im glad its been filled so quickly. Its fun seeing the different reactions the people on subways. Some love watching you, and ask you to draw them. Others… Well, they seem to hate it and will switch trains just so you cant draw them. Oh well, they’re usually too late by then *Muhahahahaha!*

Anyways, might as well share a small selection of sketches from the last week.

Cafe/Subway Nov 19-25

Same Old…

Nothing really all that new this week. Just sharing some of last weeks life drawings with you.

Nov 19- 1 MinuteNov 19 - 1 Minute 2Nov 19- 30 SecNov 16- 5 Minute SkeletonsNov 19- 5 Minute Skeletons

I hope to find some time soon to scan some stuff from my sketchbook


Well, I just came off of my first full all nighter here at the studio. It wasnt so bad, I found a nice comfortable spot in my chair, with my feet on the window. Even though its not due for a while, I just wanted to get my side step as far along as I could get it.

I also forgot to post these Life drawings from last week:

Nov 8Nov 8 30-sec1Nov 8 30-sec2Nov 7

Flour Sac

Well, I got around to getting this onto my computer. Back when I first animated this, I felt kind of good about it. Now I just think it sucks. What would have helped it would have been more planning before I started. I kind of just animated from start to finish. Almost no arcs of motion planned, and no keyframing.
If I took more time at the beginning, things probably would have been alot smoother, and wouldn’t have played out so quickly.

Royal Winter Fair

So I finally checked out the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair on Tuesday. Im disappointed I never went before. But Im glad I did this year. I felt like I learned quite a bit. Spent most of the day drawing cows, and It paid off.

I started the day off without any real animal drawing practice. So I was glad to finally put the Animal drawing book I picked up to use

Cow 1

Yikes, not a very good start


Some progression. Starting to make better use of the boxes Werner told us to use.


Ah ha! I Finally picked up on the cows structure at this point. Its starting to work now.


Some more cows (did I mention that I drew alot of cows)?. That was a terrible pen to line with…


A horse (with a wonky leg), a goat, a pony, and a llama. Sounds like the beginning of a joke.


And some caricatures I practiced around the place.

Level Up

Well, the first week has passed after that wonderful even of learning. My drawings have improved, and I feel great. You may not see the entire improvement in just these drawings, but trust me, its there.

Nov1Oct 30Oct 30 2Extras