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Life Drawing

Today something awesome happened. Werner got us to do a simple task in class today. Nothing more than just laying skin and flesh over a skeleton from a live model in a drawing. Pretty simple. But for some reason, it made a huge difference in everything I drew afterwards! It literally made the connection for me in my head between the skeletons structure underneath, and everything else. That sorta thing just didnt seem to want to connect before, but now it all just makes sense. Haha, getting better feels good.

Anyways, here are a selection of drawings from the last couple weeks of life drawing.

2 Minute- Oct 1830 Sec- Oct 17 1 Minute Drawing


Reading Week

Well, here I am almost nearing the end of reading week. It was…. Short. I probably could have gotten some more drawing in, but I feel good. Maybe some more life drawing could have made it better, but I think this short break shouldn’t affect me too much. Besides, I needed this break, and it felt good. Besides, I did get a good bit of art finished. I had a great day of sketching with some guys from my class (We need to do that again guys). And over the last couple days I finished off my Pink Panther walk cycle, so Im happy with that.

If anything, Im just looking forward to getting back to the normal practice schedual

Weed of the Sea!

Finished this project weeks ago, just getting around to sharing it now.

Sorry about the terrible quality, blame VHS for that.

Week olds

Ok, I promised some new Cafe and Subway drawings a little while back. Well, I kinda fell behind on scanning them and getting them up here. I’ve finally gotten around to doing that, so here are some week old drawings:

Art and Stress and Infections Oh My!

Well, im still alive and kicking here in Seneca, though I did have one little thing try and get in the way of that, but that comes later.

Art-wise, Im feeling great. So many things to learn, and I love it. One day Im perfecting composition in Layout, and on another day, I’m being taught new methods for Animation. Im soaking every bit of it up as much as I can. Not to mention hitting the Life drawing session nearly everyday trying to workout my lifedrawing. Some days, worry does catch up to me when I see some amazing art done by one or another peer of mine, and I wonder if I’m at the level I should be at. But in the end, as much as that feeling sucks, It only leads me to working harder to get better.
Of course, all these hours spent all day at my desk are turning up some… Un-wanted effects. I did start the year off great, finishing nearly every assignment practically right away, but work has started piling up, leading me to having to stay later and later every week. I’ve already had to deal with a cold, which is something that I almost never have to do. Stupid stress…

Possibly the most eventful thing to happen to me lately could have killed me if I didnt do anything about it. It all started with a simple, insignificant scratch on the side of my right foot. I was stupid, and didnt really bother to do anything about it, so it just sat there untended while I spent entire days at school, with a shoe over it. I noticed it getting more and more sore, and even yellow as a couple days went by, until one day I could bare even stand on it. As I was heading home, I noticed even my leg was sore, and after close inspection, discovered red marks moving up my leg where it was sore, all starting from where the cut was. Of course I went to the doctor to get some anti-biotics for this bloody infection, and Im glad I did. I’ve got a feeling if I didnt do anything about it, things could’ve gotten very serious.

Alright thats all for now. Next time, I think I’ll find the time to show off some new Cafe Drawings.

Life Drawings Sept 25 – Oct 1

I’m practicing with the block shapes once again