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Life Drawing- Sept 18-24

Well, im finished week #3, so here’s some life drawings:

Im not so happy this week with my drawings.


Cafe/subway Sept 12-18

Sketch dump #2

Life Drawing- Sept 11-17

Well, im finished my second week of lessons, and the great thing is, I feel like i’ve already learned quite a bit. Im loving it here.

Anyways, I’ll share the first of my life drawings from this past week.

Zombie fish…

Well… I think its time for an update. I’ve finished my first ever traditional animation… Aaaaannnd I dont think it happened with a loss of sanity… I think. I just hope it doesnt kill me haha.

Anyways, not much has happened for the last while, just small homework projects. I used my weekend (May even be my last weekend I have) to spend with Dawn. We ended up renting this low budget Austrailian zombie flick, Undead. It was definately really fun to watch, and had some good laughs too. Perhaps one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen would be the zombie fish in this movie. Yes, I said zombie fish. Fish who are dead and are trying to take a bite out of a dude. Totally awesome. Not to mention the three shotguns welded together into the Uber Triple-Shotgun. If you ever are interested in a campy, low budget, but certainly enjoyable horror/zombie flick, check out Undead.

Im off to bed. I need to appreciate the thing.

Cafe/subway Sept 5-11

Figured I’d start with a collection of some cafe and subway drawings from the past week.

School hasnt killed me… Yet…

Jumping in!

Ok, I figured i’d follow the trend of blogging. Everyone else does it? Why not me?!

I swear im not a lemming.

Anyways, I’ll probably posting people sketches i’ve been doing in the cafeteria, or the subway etc… Along with whatever Life Drawings I feel were my best of the week.
Add to that I’ll also show off any complete pieces I finish.
Oh, and any news i feel needs to be told I’ll share too.

Hope I can keep this up!