Figure Drawing Oct 1

Figure drawing sessions are back up and running again at the studio. I missed it quite a bit. Frustratingly, I had to do some heavy overtime during the first three weeks it was running, but Im glad I finally was able to make it this week. Advertisements

Forgotten Figure Drawings

I was prepping some figure drawings I did today to post, and came across this small collection of drawings that I ended up forgetting to post to the blog. These were probably from somewhere around March, I think.  

Figure Drawing 10/23 2013

Its been a while, I know. It’s been an incredibly busy few months. Anyways, I found time to go for a figure drawing session last week. Here’s a few of those.

Life Drawing 05/08/2013

Did some more Life Drawing today. Had a great model, which helped me get into a good groove quickly. I ended up having a pretty good time, and a good session tonight, I think.

Short Figure Drawing night

Dropped in for some life drawing tonight, but had to leave early, so I didnt get as much sketching in as I’d normally like.  

Figure Drawing-March 27th

Just a few drawings from a quick figure drawing session today.

10 more figure drawings

Did these yesterday. I really should do this more, I’m not improving and I’m disappointed I’m not working it out enough.

Figure Drawing Jan 23rd

Felt better during this session than my last few. Enjoy.

Awesome Time?

Two posts in as many days. Im on a roll.

I guess it’s time I finally posted a bit of animation, eh? This is something I worked on recently after I got home from work for a couple weeks.

Dropping in to draw after work.

Missed some sessions over the last couple months thanks to being sick, or just too busy. Made sure I set aside enough time to at least do one session before the end of the year. So rusty.